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Improving The Security Of Your Building

Posted on by admin

For the past few years, the U.K. has enjoyed a steady decline in the crime rate. However, this has evidently come to an end, with the Office for National Statistics recently releasing data covering the year ending March 2017 that shows the biggest jump in crime in a decade.

“The latest figures show the largest annual rise in crimes recorded by the police in a decade,” commented John Flatley, crime statistician and analyst at the Office for National Statistics.

“While ongoing improvements to recording practices are driving this volume rise, we believe actual increases in crime are also a factor in a number of categories.”

These statistics suggest it has never been more important for you to ensure your home or office is safe and secure from intruders. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve the security of your building:

  1. Install a Surveillance System

CCTV technology has dropped in price significantly over the years to the point where it’s affordable for just about every consumer and business. Here at PFS Security, we’re proud to offer an extensive range of simple to use CCTV systems that provide you with unparalleled oversight of your property.

  1. Store Expensive Items Out of Sight

High-ticket items in line of sight of a vulnerable window are very tempting to opportunist burglars. If you live on the ground floor or in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you can improve the security of your building by storing expensive items such as jewellery, artwork and portable electronics out of sight.

  1. Install an Intruder Alarm

Few things are as effective at deterring would-be thieves as a professional intruder alarm. We’re able to install a variety of intruder alarms and detection units that include 24 hour monitoring and police response services throughout many parts of England. We’ll work with you to design and implement a security system that works best for your property.

  1. Join or Form a Neighbourhood Watch Group

Cutting edge security technology can play an important role in improving the security of your building, but don’t forget about the power of community. An active Neighbourhood Watch group can be a very effective way of increasing security, bringing the community together and reducing crime in your local area.

  1. Increase Outdoor Lighting

It should go without saying that criminals like to stick to the shadows where they can’t be seen. Flush them out of the darkness with some bright outdoor lighting positioned in such a way that it shines on your property’s most vulnerable areas.

Here at PFS Security, we’ve been in the business of securing homes and offices since 1989. With a focus on personable customer service and industry-leading alarm and surveillance systems, we’re the number one choice of security system providers in the Swindon and Oxford areas. Give us a call today and have a chat with one of our specialists about how we can improve the security of your building.

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Get the CCTV system that works for you

Posted on by admin

Trying to find the right CCTV system to suit your needs can seem like a bit of a minefield – there’s a lot to consider and, if you don’t work with CCTV day in, day out, it can seem a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to…

We’ve put together a few of the essential things that you should be thinking about when preparing to buy a new CCTV system. The following tips work whether you’re buying for your home or your business: Continue reading →

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What are the Costs of Not Having Property Alarms?

Posted on by admin

Installing an alarm system at your property is going to involve a little bit of financial investment initially, yet this is money is well spent when you consider the cost of not having this level of protection in place. Detailed below are some of the issues that can arise if an alarm system is not installed at your premises; Continue reading →

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Three Effective Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security

Posted on by admin

Here at PFS Security Systems we offer a number of solutions that will help you keep your business secure. Crime is on the rise in many parts of the UK, and it is often business premises that are the target if burglaries and vandalism.

Continue reading →

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The Security Benefits Of Using Access Control Solutions

Posted on by admin

Your business or workplace environment is only as secure as you make it; with confidential information such as legal, financial and personal data stored on site, there are times when access is best restricted to ward off prying eyes. Continue reading →

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Securing Your Property With Our Access Control

Posted on by admin

Security is a concept that should never be overlooked, especially when the safety of others is concerned. We strive to ensure that when it comes to access control when entering and exiting your buildings that nothing is taken for granted.

Here at PFS Security Systems, we supply and install only the most sophisticated and secure access control systems for your staff and customers. Operating throughout Oxford, Swindon and Reading, we continue to offer only the most bespoke and complete security system service that ensures that your property is as ‘safe as houses’.

Security With You In Mind

Our high level of service has seen our reputation continue to grow since our establishment back in 1989. With an abundance of major and recognised accreditations to our name, including NSI Gold and SSAIB approved alarm installers; it’s no surprise that our customers have an unmatched confidence in our products.

Whilst we offer our services on both a domestic and corporate level, when it comes to our access control, we have a multitude of experience and expertise in commercial businesses, offices and industrial units. We are here to ensure that your property and its contents are secure and safe from unwanted visitors.

Experience & Expertise

We understand that every property comes with a number of variables including location, function and well-being, which is why we offer a variety of access control and door entry systems that are best suited for you.

From sophisticated smart-card technology to traditional door entry and intercom access, our team of security experts will be able to advise and professionally install your system before offering the appropriate training.

For more information on our access control systems as well as our complete range of security, alarm and CCTV products, be sure to give your nearest PFS Security System branch a call or contact us online here.

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Intruder Alarms For Domestic & Commercial Safety

Posted on by admin

No one likes the idea of someone unknowingly creeping around their property. Whether you’re a dedicated homeowner or an astute corporation, the security of your residence is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Luckily, we are here to help.

Here at PFS Security Systems, we are leading specialists in the supply, installation and implementation of a whole host of security systems. We take security seriously so that you can have peace of mind that once left, your residence is as protected and prepared should any unwanted visitors come knocking.

Impeccable Intruder Alarms

With nearly 25 years’ experience in our industry, if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to ensure that your premises are as secure as can be. Whether you’re looking for simple and effective intruder alarms, or state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance systems, we can find the alarm system that is right for your residence.

We can proudly boast a wide range of reliable and effective intruder alarms and detection units. Our Redcare technology allows a whole range of secure monitoring whilst our wireless hybrid, audible and speech dialler systems ensure that you can find the system that you can integrate into your premises.

The Future Of Intruder Alarms

With an emphasis on connectivity and a quick response, as well as supplying standard intruder alarms to Oxford, Reading and the surrounding areas, we can implement some of the most advanced systems around.

Through a wireless internet connection, you can control you security system without even being in the residence. Hooked up to your computer, laptop or smart phone, you can monitor your premises from anywhere in the world giving you peace of mind. Our qualified experts are on hand to help train and assist you in ensuring that your system is as secure and accessible as possible.

Be sure to check out our website for a full look at our security services.

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Why Choose PFS Security Systems This 2013

Posted on by admin

What we aim to provide here at PFS Security Systems is not only some of the most sophisticated and advanced intruder alarm, CCTV and fire alarm systems around, but we compliment our outstanding products with a complete and all-round service.

We want you to feel secure, comfortable and have trust not only in our alarm systems, but trust in the service you receive from us. Whenever the security of your property, well-being and those around you is at risk, it really is no laughing matter, which is why you can have peace of mind thanks to our years of experience and boundless expertise.

Operating throughout Oxford, Reading, Bristol and the surrounding areas, we are dedicated and committed to providing your communities with security systems that are effective, efficient and most importantly secure.

But what makes us stand out from the rest?

1. Sophisticated Security Systems

We are proud to boast only the most advanced and technologically-enhanced security products around. Depending on the size, scale and magnitude of your security operation, our knowledgeable security experts are trained in not only installing your security systems, but also training there use. So whether you’re in need of CCTV surveillance, responsive fire alarms or secure burglar alarms, you can have faith in our products.

2. Tailored & Bespoke Service

We understand more than anyone the uniqueness and different factors that must be considered when it comes to security, which is why we tailor each of our projects to your individual needs and requirements. From budget, to scale, to location, our experts are on hand to answer any queries as well as advise and assist you.

3. A ‘Secure’ Reputation

You don’t become as established an outfit as us here at PFS security systems without being good at what you do. Since we were founded in 1989, we have continued to go from strength to strength, leading the way in the development and advancement of security systems and their implementation both domestically and commercially.

But don’t take our word for it. Be sure to check out our website to find your nearest security specialists.

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Is your Workplace Safe this Christmas?

Posted on by admin

Some businesses will deservedly close this Christmas, as their employees recharge their batteries and reflect on a good year. Others will work furiously through, soaking up every lucrative Christmas deal. Whatever your business does over the Christmas break, you should ask yourself the question; Is my workplace secure?

This is where PFS security systems come in. A leader in the field of security systems and CCTV in Bath, Oxford and the surrounding areas, you really can put your trust in the quality, reliability and effectiveness of our services. Our reputation precedes us as we strive to provide solutions to security concerns from a range of perspectives.

We will be there to assist, install and advise you every step of the way. Our friendly and experienced staff are trained at installing and deploying some of the most secure systems around. We understand the importance and gravity that our products hold, which is why your security is one of our main concerns.

Established since 1989, we are NSI Gold and SSAIB accredited meaning we comply with the latest in security standards, as well as boasting an impressive clientele. From fire alarms, to access control, to remote CCTV, we will be able to advise you as to the best way to keep away unwanted visitors as well as secure what is contained within your building.

With business documents, files, office and computing equipment your workplace really can hold the bread and butter of a business. Most likely, burglars want to take this expensive and top-of-the-range technical equipment which is why with the help of secure access systems and high definition CCTV, you can not only prevent breaking and entering, but also put a definitive stop to repeat offenders.

For more information on our rage of security service, check out our website.

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Be in Control of Your Security This Christmas

Posted on by admin

The party season is truly here. As the winter months are well upon us, offices, homes, restaurants and bars will become hubs of social gathering and Christmas cheer. Whether it’s the annual office party, a family get-together, or a wild night on the town, you can be sure that you will be ending 2012 on a high.

But whilst the majority of us are out letting our hair down, the common thief or burglar can see this as an excellent opportunity to ply their trade. Can you fully trust your locking systems? Did you leave a window open?

Is Your Property Safe?

These are all thoughts that can run through your head as your mind races with doubt and uncertainty. This is where PFS Security Systems come in. Specialising in alarm systems such as burglar alarms, access control and CCTV in Bath, Gloucester, Bristol and the surrounding areas, we offer our security services with absolute confidence in the quality and reliability of our products.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are NSI Gold and SSAIB approved alarm installers so you can trust the effectiveness of our installations to securely monitor your property. Whether you are safeguarding your office premises, working facilities or household, you will be able to find a security system that will allow peace of mind when you come to leave.

Remote Security

As part of our service we offer free advice, on-site surveys as well as free quotation, giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have. Once installed, we will teach you how to effectively use the software and manage your own security.

With 360 degree coverage, quality picture resolution and tour memory of your system, you will be able to cover every corner. If that wasn’t enough, thanks to advanced technology you can now remotely manage your security anywhere in the world, regarding there is an internet connection. A smartphone, laptop or tablet can produce a live stream so you will be the first to know if you have any unexpected visitors.

So go and enjoy yourself this festive season with the knowledge that your property is in the safest of hands. Check out our website for a more detailed look at the security systems we provide.

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