Protect your Business with Recorded CCTV Installation

Your business will be one of the most precious and valuable things to you, and you will undoubtedly spend your days trying to enhance your practises and secure success for the future. However, threats don’t just come from the stock market, your competitors and an angry customer or two, but also opportunistic thieves that prey on businesses which aren’t fully equipped to deter them. CCTV is an essential solution in preventing this, and here at PFS Security Systems, we have the CCTV systems to ensure that your business is protected.

Secure Surveillance

Sometimes businesses operate in their own bubble and burglars will act on this at any time possible – even during the day, so if everyone’s eyes are transfixed on a computer screen, a workshop or back at home, CCTV will provide the all-seeing eye that never misses a trick, capturing the burglar in the act and either alerting those monitoring to prevent any problem before it even begins, or providing the vital evidence to capture them if they did make it away. As we supply and thoroughly install the latest CCTV technology, you can be sure that your business is being protected in the best way possible, as we offer cameras which can provide the full 360⁰ coverage in high definition and even send the images back to you wherever you are – with the revolutionary step forward of remote viewing capabilities.

The All-Encompassing Deterrent

Recording and sending back images is of course the main benefit of a CCTV system, however the mere sight of it brings about even more security benefits, as many, if not all potential intruders will see the CCTV systems surrounding your premises and will instantly decide against advancing towards the property – knowing full well that their every action is being caught on film; the last thing a burglar will want. CCTV is a proven deterrent, so to gain the best, NSI NACOSS Gold service we provide here at PFS Security Systems, simply contact 01793 642 792.