Critical Upgrade Programme

Updated: Critical Upgrade Programme

BT is currently replacing its entire copper telephone network with fibre.

As many of our customers’ security systems rely on the existing network, BT’s programme of works will prevent the systems’ alarm signals from reaching the central station. PFS have therefore introduced a Critical Upgrade Programme that will facilitate the upgrade of our customers’ alarm signalling to either a wireless dual radio product or an IP solution.

Working in conjunction with CSL DualCom, a highly reputable UK signalling provider that provides a cost-effective GPRS and IP solution, PFS has formed a dedicated engineering and back-office team to help deliver the required communication unit before it is too late. With vast numbers of end users affected, and timely constraints imposed, PFS will do its best to fulfill the demand on time.

This critical upgrade will take place automatically on your next maintenance visit. Please inform your insurance company that your current system is being replaced. Should the replacement of the current communicator not be possible due to site-specific reasons, our engineer will discuss further options with you.

Update: BT has just announced they are putting back the date by which time all PSTN and ISDN lines will be shut off, by a year. It was previously stated that the lines would be shut down and all customers switched over by December 2025, but this has now postponed to 31st January 2027. 

Higher Level Of Security
All telephone lines are being closed down now as part of the UK’s All IP project that will see a complete shutdown by 2025. CSL’s dual radio products use 4G technology to overcome this threat, whilst monitoring your system 24/7 and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will be notified of any fault within 24 hours.

Save On Line Rental Charges
If you have a dedicated telephone line, solely in place for your current system, this can be cancelled after the upgrade has taken place.

Remote Servicing
Should your alarm panel be compatible, our engineer will make the necessary programming alterations to enable secure remote servicing. This will allow us to increase the frequency of your services. Typically, this will be quarterly – to include 3 remote services and 1 site service per annum.