Access Control

The Security Benefits Of Using Access Control

Your business or workplace environment is only as secure as you make it; with confidential information such as legal, financial and personal data stored on site, there are times when access is best restricted to ward off prying eyes. Whether on paper and held in filing cabinets, on computers or across network servers, at PFS Security Systems we can make sure you have an elite security system in place, so your privacy and professional integrity are always kept protected and intact.

Access Control Benefits

As business owner, there are always areas of your premises that you want to restrict – whether it’s for safety or security reasons. By using one of our access control solutions, you have the ability to protect those areas, and prevent staff or visitors from entering areas or rooms which they are not cleared to be in, whether intentional or unintentional in motive. There are many positive benefits to gain from having an access control solution installed in your business. Using a choice of modern keypads or key card entry systems, traditional ‘lock and key’ security systems might well be considered a thing of the past. Without needing to have keys cut or the expense of having locks changed in case of a security breach, you can instead control access by disabling key cards if lost or stolen, or limit access to particular areas with a new code or password. With the right access control solution in your business, your property, not to mention your staff and customers, will be safer. We have a selection of door entry systems for you to choose from. Whether using smart card technology to allow physical access to designated facilities or a simple single door system with intercom service, security is discrete and reliable, at the touch of a button.

Business Security Solutions

Keeping your business safe and protected is our purpose and priority at PFS Security Systems. We specialise in business and home security, and can also supply and install CCTV surveillance systems and burglar alarms to meet your requirements. If you would like to see about having your work premises made more secure, please phone us at our head office on 01793 642 792. We can also be conveniently contacted via our online contact form. Being in business is all about taking the correct safety measures, so ask for a free quote or assessment from one of our security advisers today.

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